The place name,probably derives from ethnic,”Milanésa”,which indicatesa a locality on the left side of the shore of “San Giovanni”river,up stream of “Pra Grant”. The place is mentioned in documents from the archives of Brescia of 1729.

“La Milanèsa”,One of the antique paper mills of Limone.
Already at the beginning of the sixtenth century paper mills existed along the riverside,at the end of the century there were five.In 1656 it was estimated at four,in 1725 six, and in 1729 seven.
During a meeting of the city council on May 23rd 1756,it was put forth in note the owners of the mills: among which “Girardi brothers” have 6 mills,of which only 3 work at any one time due to the lack of water power.In 1761 there were 8 paper mills; 7 years later 13,of which 4 were owned by Pietro Giuseppe Girardi in” contrada Folli”.
During the phase of the greater developement of the paper industries the Girardi family was the most prosperous company:in 1765 owning 8 of the 13 paper mills, in 1782 4 whole paper mills and a portion of another.In 1786 the business ceased,the paper mills were no longer used,due to the difficulties induced by the production of paper using old fabric.

A quote in 1859 about the “Milanèsa”
Mons.Pietro Tiboni wrote about the paper mills “on the right of the river,full groups of olive trees that enclose the ruins of paper mills that at one time were prosperous. Above these ruins you find the magnificent crumbling wall.”Milanèsa” that according to public opinion was the first paper mill along the riviera of Salò and province of Brescia. In the mid ninteenth century conditions were laid down for the renting of the”Milanèsa”.Luchini of Toscolano were to be the new owners.Then in May 1902 the ownership of the”Milanèsa” was passed from brothers Angelo and Carlo Luchini to Eugenio Comboni.

The “Milanèsa” accomdation for soldiers during the Great War.
With the out break of the 1st world war and the end of neutral Italy.Limone was in a particularly dangerous geographical position on the border of the Austrian-Hungarian empire,determined by the outcome of the 2nd war of independence.The village was always at risk from bombing or invasion from the lake.The Italian Command set up a garrison in Limone,after the evacuation of the village in september 1916 with the population leaving for Gardone Riviera,Maderno and Tremosine.In 1916 the soldiers also occupied the “Milanèsa” for accomodation.

The “Milanèsa” Hydro-electric company of Limone Sul Garda.
On July 9th 1921 the city council discuss the possibility of fixing the old mill property of the town hall,adapting it to produce electricity,as energy resources at the time were insufficient to requirements,so it was decided the ex paper mill “Milanèsa” be put to use. July 30th 1923 the real estate was sold to Arturo Pomaroli,including the rights to derivation of water and ducts.After which Arturo Pomeroli and Attilio Risatti make a request in the town hall for the management of a Hydro-electric company.Thus the Limone Sul Garda Hydro-electric company was born to supply eletrical power needed.The machinary was positioned in the antique “lisar” the place where sheets of paper were smoothed,in technical terms the “calender”.Subsequently several promblems occurred in the management of the company and it was passed over to “Societa Elletrica Bresciana”.(S.E.B.).

“Milanèsa” site of the Verdelli trout farm.
In 1930 the real estate was bought by brothers Jode and Bruno Verdelli,from Rivoltella Desenzano.Whom in 1942 moved to Limone with their families.During the 2nd world war the”Milanèsa” was a refuge for several Limonese families escaping English-American machine-gun fire.
At the end of the war the Verdelli Brothers firm was established,which then constructed 8 tanks for the installment of a trout breeding farm using the ducts from the antique paper mill.The business commenced on January 1st 1946.The management was entrusted to Giuseppe Raimondi who stayed at the Milanèsa with his family until the end of november 1968.Then upon the death of Bruno Verdelli the business of trout farming stopped for several years.

Alda Perini e Mario Girardi
Alda Perini e Mario Girardi – La Milanesa

The Milanèsa becomes a tourist location.
In November of 1975 the real estate was sold to Mario Girardi and Alda Perini, who make it a residence and a small bar,it opened in August of 1981. Subsequently all the property was restored and made into tourist apartments “La Milanèsa”.